The Japanese speak of Seijaku as serenity in the midst of activity - not escaping from the world to some mountaintop, but finding the real meaning, fulfilment, energy, and wisdom in the midst of everyday hustle and bustle - building a silent and imperturbable center while active in the disappointments and triumphs of everyday life.
from Justin Stone Speaks on T'ai Chi Chih ~




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Kyle Skidgel Suenaga

Oregon CCB # 219219

Jimmy Buffet wrote and released a genius song titled “School Boy Heartback in 1996. It immediately became my anthem. Even though I am not a boy, I have consistently been mistaken for one on the basis of my name alone, not to mention the fact that I grew up, and have spent most of my adult life, engaged in activities that were predominantly male. I have been a commercial truck driver, a commercial pilot and flight instructor, an NHRA/IHRA jet funny car driver, and an estimator in the drywall industry. I’ve lived on a sail boat, I’ve lived in the jungle in Hawaii, and I’ve roughed it in hooches and abandoned military barracks in Alaska while flying smokejumpers.

Because I tend to be profoundly aware of imbalances in my life, I have also sought to balance my experience by graduating from an 800-hour accredited massage school, obtaining both my undergraduate (B.S. in Liberal Sciences) and my graduate degree (M.A. in Education) from Oregon State University. I have spent the past six years teaching high school and college-level writing at Mt. View High School in Bend, Oregon, which has been a profound learning experience.

The point is, I love to learn and I have a deep and abiding need to work with my hands, my heart, and my brain. I need to be in constant motion. I have grown old enough to have earned the right to stop apologizing for myself, as though being nomadic were a mortal sin. I am old enough now to embrace my school boy/girl heart as it takes me down yet another new road.

Seijaku Home, Pottery and Design, is my latest endeavor to express the depth and richness of a life of adventure in the form of clay and interior design elements, because no matter where in the world I have laid down my head, my first act was always to make the space a true home. And my children will attest: I have a lot of practice. So it is with a grateful heart that I walk into this new phase of my life. I invite you to join the exploration.